Serving the St. Louis, MO and surrounding areas


Casie’s Cuisine is committed to providing culinary solutions for busy individuals.  You and your family will enjoy dining on healthy and well-prepared meals in the comfort of your own home with menu plans that have been designed especially for you. 

Each menu plan includes:

  • Personalized food and nutritional assessment
  • Complete customized menu planning
  • Shopping for the freshest ingredients
  • Meal preparation in your home
  • Packaging, labeling and storage of your meals
  • Clear directions for warming your meals
  • Kitchen clean-up

Casie's Cuisine, Serving the St. Louis, MO and surrounding areasThe following are some of the more popular meal plans. However, each client’s needs are unique and your personal pricing plan will be determined by these needs so thatCasie’s Cuisine
can best be of service to you and your family.  The pricing is based on a flat service fee, with the cost of groceries kept as a separate charge. By paying for the grocery costs separately you are able to optimize your control over the final costs of your meal plan by choosing chicken wings over lobster tails.  The choice is yours!

3 x 2
3 entrees / 2 portions each
$150 + groceries
3 x 4
3 entrees / 4 portions each
$180 + groceries
4 x 2
4 entrees / 2 portions each
$200 + groceries
4 x 4
4 entrees / 4 portions each
$240 + groceries
5 x 4
5 entrees / 4 portions each
$300 + groceries

5 x 4 meal plan is the equivalent of 20 individual meals.

During your free consultation we will discuss your options thoroughly and design a service with a schedule that meets your specific culinary needs. My service is flexible and can be customized to meet your needs.

Average grocery costs vary with menu choices and meal plans, but generally do not exceed $100 per meal program. 

All meal plans are subject to a container fee, which will be determined during your free consultation, based upon your preference of containers and desired warming methods.

Cancellation policy:

A cancellation fee of $50.00 is charged unless I am notified five business days prior to your cook date in order to accommodate other clients.


Refer a friend who signs up for a cook date and receive 10% off your next service.

Contact Chef Casie to inquire about your own customized meal plan.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Phone: (314) 753-6012